All Good Things…

November 15, 2020 update: All Good Things… “Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back.” – Bruce Springsteen “I’m glad all you armchair golf course critics are going to try to do this.   Just wait until you see how these things work in the real world.” – Golf Course […]

Finally getting started is a Cool Golf Thing

October 18, 2020:  That is the title of an article written by Tim Gavrich of Golf Advisor.  Read about it here:

October 11, 2019 update:  It was a wonderful evening at Overbook Golf Club last night.  The Cobbs Creek Restoration and Community Foundation held a gathering where the status of the project was updated and the official site (see link below) went live.  Mike Cirba and myself are indebted to so many people for making this […]

News you’ve been waiting for: the lease has been signed!

July 18, 2019 update:  Last night in a presentation at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, The Cobbs Creek Restoration and Community Foundation publicly announced that a long-term lease has been signed with the city of Philadelphia for the restoration of the Cobb’s Creek Golf Course. Although it is likely that a more ceremonial celebratory event […]

Cobbs Creek Golf Course: An Architectural and Cultural History

July 1, 2019:  That is the title of the presentation to be given by John Burnes and Chris Lange at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on July 17, 2019 at 6 PM.  All the details of what should be an informative presentation are here: Cobbs Creek Golf Course: An Architectural and Cultural History

Stay tuned to this station!

November 28, 2018 update:  We hope to provide more information on the project soon.  Steady as she goes!

The project is discussed in the Fried Egg podcast

September 11, 2018:  Last Sunday yours truly and Mike Cirba sat down with Andy Johnson of the Fried Egg to discuss the project.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Joe Juliano writes on the Cobb’s project for

August 29, 2018:  Joe Juliano pens a long piece on the Cobb’s Creek project, writing for

Success! The bill has passed

June 21, 2018:  We thank you for your patience.  Hard to believe, Harry, but the City passed and Mayor Kenney signed a bill to lease Cobb’s Creek golf course to our Foundation for a restoration and so much more.  Stay tuned for further details as they become available.  This is very exciting news.

Happy New 2017 Year!

January 1, 2017 update:  Happy New Year to all our friends from the Friends of Cobb’s Creek Golf Course.  We hope 2017 will be a great year.

Slow and steady

February 25, 2016 update:  The Friends of Cobb’s Creek GC again asks for your patience as this project moves (plods?!) along.  Keep the faith.

No news is good news

November 1, 2015 update:  Saying of the day:  No news is good news. Those interested in this project, please keep the faith.  Grin.

Cobb’s Creek Floodplain Master Plan

February 23, 2015 update:  We think you might be interested in seeing a master plan for the creek restoration, as prepared back in 2012 by Land Studies (note, the hole numbers represent the sequencing of the “championship course”):

Joe Logan writes again on the project

April 30, 2014 update:  Joe Logan recently penned an updated article on the current status of the project (link below).  The Friends of Cobb’s Creek GC still have confidence in the viability of the project.  So, keep the faith friends! “Cobb’s Creek Restoration Update:  The Good, the Bad, the Realities”

December 2013 project update

Christmas Day, 2013 update:  On this Christmas Day, we’re at liberty to share a bit more about the proposed Cobb’s Creek Golf Course restoration project, the details of which are presently being worked through legal mechanics with city and state officials. Going forward, the plan, and yes, detailed plans have already been developed by Gil […]

Updated Master Plan for Cobb’s Creek

June 9, 2013 update:  It is time to release the latest versions of the Master Plan for the proposed Cobb’s Creek GC restoration project.  The first diagram below is for the restoration of the golf course to essentially what it was in 1928 until the early 50s, and includes modification of the Karakung course to […]

Matt Ginella at Cobb’s Creek

May 30, 2013 update:  Matt Ginella of The Golf Channel was out to Cobb’s Creek GC yesterday to meet with the Friends of Cobb’s Creek GC.  Interview to be included on a piece concerning Philly public golf courses on Tuesday of US Open week (June 11).  Below is a picture of Matt interviewing Chris Lange.

Project update by Joe Logan

Cinco de Mayo 2013 update:  Well, the cat is nearly completely out of the bag now!  Just this afternoon Joe Logan from MyPhillyGolf reports on the latest regarding a restoration of Cobb’s Creek:

Joe Logan update

May 1, 2012 update:  Joe Logan of MyPhillyGolf has checked in again on the Cobb’s Creek front.  His article begins with:   The magnum opus that is the history and design evolution of Cobb’s Creek GC is complete and now available on the Internet for your reading enjoyment.   Weighing in at 344 pages, the […]