Cobb’s Creek on Grey Goose 19th Hole

December 18, 2013 update:  On a recent Grey Goose 19th Hole episode, the panel consisting of host Steve Sands, Geoff Shackelford, John Feinstein, and David Fay discuss the recent tournaments held at classic golf courses (2013 US Open at Merion and the 2013 Walker Cup at the National Golf Links of America).  Then the topic turns to what classic courses could and should be renovated, and Geoff mentions Cobb’s Creek (at about 3 min 20 sec mark of the video).  Below is a direct link to the video (yes, you must watch a commercial first):

Note:  Geoff is familiar with Cobb’s Creek as I gave him a personal tour of the course the day after the US Open at Merion.