All Good Things…

November 15, 2020 update: All Good Things… “Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back.” – […]

Finally getting started is a Cool Golf Thing

October 18, 2020:  That is the title of an article written by Tim Gavrich of Golf Advisor.  Read about it here:

Ring in 2020 at Cobb’s Creek!

January 4, 2020 update:  What a fantastic way to begin 2020 with a trip around Cobb’s.  Winter rounds are so nice with […]

October 11, 2019 update:  It was a wonderful evening at Overbook Golf Club last night.  The Cobbs Creek Restoration and Community Foundation […]

Main Line Today article

September 21, 2019 update:  The August issue of the Main Line Today contains an article penned by Jim Finnegan on my golf […]

Changes coming to FDR Park

May 27, 2019:  In July of 1940 another City golf course opened and it was called League Island.  Later the name changed […]

Drone Shots are Coming!

February 19, 2019 update:  Recently my friend Paul Pizzica was at Cobb’s with his drone.  Soon we’ll be able to show some […]

PWD Doing Work at the Course

February 18, 2019 update:  You may have noticed some construction at Cobb’s and Karakung over the past few months.  This is a […]

RIP Patti Carmichael

January 25, 2019 update:  Patti Carmichael, an icon at the Cobb’s Creek Golf Course, has passed away after a valiant battle with […]

Stay tuned to this station!

November 28, 2018 update:  We hope to provide more information on the project soon.  Steady as she goes!

Joe Juliano writes on the Cobb’s project for

August 29, 2018:  Joe Juliano pens a long piece on the Cobb’s Creek project, writing for

Success! The bill has passed

June 21, 2018:  We thank you for your patience.  Hard to believe, Harry, but the City passed and Mayor Kenney signed a […]

Where’s Eli?!

May 22, 2018 update:  Cobb’s Creek former superintendent Eli Rodriguez is doing nicely in his current position at Royce Brook Golf  Club […]

More Hugh Wilson at Philmont

January 22, 2018 update:  A friend of mine, a member at Philmont CC, was recently doing some historical spelunking at the Golf […]

Superintendent’s Revenge on Saturday

November 16, 2017 update:  This Saturday (November 18) will be the annual Superintendent’s Revenge tournament. 4-person teams.  Singles welcome.  Shotgun start at […]

Very early clubhouse photo

January 20, 2016 update:  Going through my files I found a very early photo of the clubhouse.  See below:

New clubhouse has opened

July 24, 2017 update:  Somehow the opening of the new clubhouse snuck past me.  It opened on July 15th and it is […]

BuffaloGolfer interview

June 16, 2017 update:  The BuffaloGolfer has published an interview with Mike Cirba and yours truly concerning Cobb’s Creek golf course.  The […]

First GAP match a win!

April 25, 2017 update:  Congrats to the Cobb’s Creek GAP team as they won their first ever match versus Wilmington Country Club.  […]

Kickoff week

April 11, 2017 update:  Later this month the double-wide will be opened to serve as the new clubhouse.  This will be part […]

Cobb’s Creek cleeks!

December 20, 2016 update:  Blog friend Ari sends along two pictures of a hickory cleek with a Cobb’s Creek stamp:  

The King passes away

September 30, 2016 update:  The golf world mourns the recent passing of Arnold Palmer.  Arnie was a rookie pro in 1955 and […]

New clubhouse under way?

May 4, 2016 update:  Both golf courses look great this season.  And the new digs to replace the old clubhouse are in […]

Slow and steady

February 25, 2016 update:  The Friends of Cobb’s Creek GC again asks for your patience as this project moves (plods?!) along.  Keep […]

Demolition of the clubhouse

February 2, 2016 update:  Looks like the demolition of the clubhouse is in progress, a link from a picture taken today below.

December golf at Cobb’s Creek

December 20, 2015 update:  Warm December weather has led to more play at Cobb’s, as CBS3 documented earlier in the month (see […]

No news is good news

November 1, 2015 update:  Saying of the day:  No news is good news. Those interested in this project, please keep the faith.  […]

I’m a Walking, Golfing Miracle

August 14, 2015 update2:  Yesterday at Cobb’s I had the pleasure of meeting Zakki Blatt and his mother Stephanie.  Many of you […]

Joe Dey on Cobb’s Creek

July 21, 2015 update:  Before Joe Dey went to the USGA as their Executive Director (1934-1969) then later was the first commissioner […]

Karakung being reborn

June 23, 2015 update:  Yesterday I visited Cobb’s for the first time since late May.  I was simply astounded by the transformation […]

Cobb’s Creek has the apostrophe!

February 8, 2015 update2:  Recently I asked blog friend Jake: “Who was Cobb?”  A condensed response is as follows: The Dutch, Swedes […]

More memories of Charlie Sifford

February 7, 2015 update:  More good stuff remembering Charlie Sifford: Philly’s Terry Gross NPR “Fresh Air” interview with Mr. Sifford Golfing pioneer […]

The tome

January 17, 2015 update:  See the photo below to see how our tome (“Cobb’s Creek Golf Course:  Uncovering a Treasure”) looks when bound […]