Early photo of the original 11th hole at Cobb’s Creek

November 25, 2016 update:  In one of the September 21 updates below was a link to an early photo of the 11th hole at Cobb’s Creek GC.  I’ve purchased this photo from Temple and a link to a high resolution version is below.  Pretty cool!  Note:  a golf historian friend of mine from Winged Foot has probably seen thousands of old golf photos.  It is his opinion based upon the dress of the players, the caddy, golf clubs (all hickory), etc that this picture is from the 1920s.  It very well could be a photo of play during the 1928 Publinx at Cobb’s.  Update (December 2018):  a librarian at the Temple library says the back of this photo has the year 1925 written.