December 2013 project update

Christmas Day, 2013 updateOn this Christmas Day, we’re at liberty to share a bit more about the proposed Cobb’s Creek Golf Course restoration project, the details of which are presently being worked through legal mechanics with city and state officials.

Going forward, the plan, and yes, detailed plans have already been developed by Gil Hanse, Jim Wagner, and other specialists, is to work with city, state, and federal entities to restore and flood proof the creek along the length of the course, create environmental benefits through creation of tens of acres of wetlands, remove invasive species of trees and plants, restore the original routing of the Old course, reconfigure Karakung into an original nine hole design, top-notch practice facility/learning center, and junior course which would all be configurable into a hybrid Composite course worthy of top national competitions (yes, including a tour or USGA event), and become the permanent home of the Golf Association of Philadelphia.

To accomplish this, private funds have been raised to create a non-profit organization that will both fund this renovation/restoration through a sizable grant to the city, as well as maintain the course in perpetuity. It is proposed that the foundation, aka the Cobb’s Creek Golf Foundation, will lease the property from the city of Philadelphia for a term of 99 years.

The mission statement of the Foundation is as follows:

By restoring a Philadelphia landmark, the CCGF will utilize a world-class golf course to provide three core elements to the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan community:

1. Create environmental and economic sustainability for Cobb’s Creek Golf Course.

2. Provide premier value driven educational center.

3. Stimulate charitable activity and economic growth in the Philadelphia region.

CCGF’s sole purpose is to stimulate charitable activity, economic growth and educate Philadelphia’s youth in the values inherent in the game of golf while returning a Philadelphia landmark back to its historic significance.