Joe Dey on Cobb’s Creek

July 21, 2015 update:  Before Joe Dey went to the USGA as their Executive Director (1934-1969) then later was the first commissioner […]

Karakung being reborn

June 23, 2015 update:  Yesterday I visited Cobb’s for the first time since late May.  I was simply astounded by the transformation […]

Cobb’s Creek has the apostrophe!

February 8, 2015 update2:  Recently I asked blog friend Jake: “Who was Cobb?”  A condensed response is as follows: The Dutch, Swedes […]

More memories of Charlie Sifford

February 7, 2015 update:  More good stuff remembering Charlie Sifford: Philly’s Terry Gross NPR “Fresh Air” interview with Mr. Sifford Golfing pioneer […]

The tome

January 17, 2015 update:  See the photo below to see how our tome (“Cobb’s Creek Golf Course:  Uncovering a Treasure”) looks when bound […]

Hugh Wilson at Philmont South

September 5, 2014 update:  Did you know Hugh Wilson designed the 10th and 11th holes at the South course at Philmont CC?  […]

Blog friend Jake Murray contributes

February 25, 2014 update:  One of the great delights of maintaining this blog is the number of wonderful e-mails we receive.  Just […]

Cobb’s land was a dairy farm

January 4, 2014 update:  If this 1922 Philadelphia Inquirer below is to be believed, the land on which the golf course sits used […]

December 2013 project update

Christmas Day, 2013 update:  On this Christmas Day, we’re at liberty to share a bit more about the proposed Cobb’s Creek Golf […]

Plane lands on the course

December 12, 2013 update:  In 1948 a plane landed on the golf course!  See the photo below.  That is on the 14th […]

Philadelphia Catches Up

December 11, 2013 update:  The text of the article that goes with the pictures in yesterday’s update is below, with the catchy […]

Greg Jarmas at the Masters

December 3, 2013 update:  Below is the Master Cricker Greg Jarmas (medalist in the 2013 Ivy League Golf Championship)!  Note how he is […]

Merion: The Championship Story

November 22, 2013 update:  While you continue to remain patient (trust me!), an excellent holiday gift for the golfer is a book […]

1915 GAP annual meeting photo

October 14, 2013 update:  It was the late January 1915 Golf Association of Philadelphia annual meeting when it was announced “that work […]

Locker rooms under construction

October 7, 2013 update:  See below this very awesome picture [big thanks to my friend in La Habra, CA, for rehabilitating that photo] […]

Early course photos

October 4, 2013 update:  More early pictures of Cobb’s Creek from friend John B. are now available.  Two pics from the first […]

1931 Cobb’s Creek scorecard

September 25, 2013 update:  Long time player at Cobb’s Bob M. has checked in and sent along some early scorecards.  Check out […]

1964 photos of Cobb’s Creek GC

September 24, 2013 update:  A friend of the Friends of Cobb’s Creek GC recently came upon three nice photos of the course […]

Who was Hugh Wilson, part 2

September 23, 2013 update:  Mike Cirba has penned part 2 of “Who Was Hugh Wilson”.  Anyone with an interest in Hugh Wilson […]

5th hole in 1916

August 20, 2013 update:  Below is a picture of the creek on the 5th hole from the Public Ledger in 1916.

1928 Public Links article

July 24, 2013 update:  Quite the headline here from the opening round of the 1928 Public Links at Cobb’s Creek (from the […]

Bob Mayes at Cobb’s Creek

June 21, 2013 update:  Nice article on Bob Mayes, a golfer that played at Cobb’s with Charlie Sifford: Mayes’ journey to the […]

Cobb’s Creek on The Golf Channel

June 7, 2013 update:  Programming note – A piece specifically on Cobb’s Creek by Matt Ginella of The Golf Channel will air […]

Who was Hugh Wilson

June 5, 2013 update:  Mike Cirba has written a fascinating article entitled “Who Was Hugh Wilson?”.  You can read it here: Who […]

Matt Ginella at Cobb’s Creek

May 30, 2013 update:  Matt Ginella of The Golf Channel was out to Cobb’s Creek GC yesterday to meet with the Friends […]

Project update by Joe Logan

Cinco de Mayo 2013 update:  Well, the cat is nearly completely out of the bag now!  Just this afternoon Joe Logan from […]

2nd green 1930 Dallin aerial

April 27, 2013 update:  Below is an aerial of the 2nd green in 1930 (picture courtesy of the Hagley Museum).

1st green 1930 Dallin aerial

April 23, 2013 update:  Note below how much bolder the green surrounds were on the first hole in 1930 (picture courtesy of the […]

Olympic golf course progress

April 29, 2013 update:  Gil Hanse discusses progress on the Olympic golf course with Joe Logan here:

Cobb’s in 1924 NY Age

April 12, 2013 update:  With the movie “42” coming out later this week chronicling the admission of the first African-American player into […]

Joe Logan 2011 Hanse interview

April 8, 2013 update:  Local golf course architect Gil Hanse loves Cobb’s Creek.  Check out his 2011 interview by Joe Logan of […]

Brad Klein profile of Gil Hanse

March 24, 2013 update:  Brad Klein also did an extensive profile of Gil Hanse recently:

Hanse at Rio

March 19, 2013 update:  Brad Klein of GolfWeek reports that work begins today on the Olympic golf course in Rio de Janeiro: […]

Tie-fighter green

January 2, 2013 update:  Check out the unique shape of the current 10th green below in this 1939 aerial from the Dallin Collection […]

Progress on course construction

December 10, 2012 update:  It took a little over a year to build the course.  Construction began on April 12, 1915 and […]

Cobb’s Creek Golf Association

November 30, 2012 update:  The Cobb’s Creek Golf Association completed another successful year.  Check them out at: Contact Paul Cornely for […]

1915 progress on clubhouses

November 29, 2012 update:  Progress on the clubhouses as reported in the September 30, 1915 edition of the Evening Bulletin is below.

Roy Mason painting

November 24, 2012 update:  A longtime supporter of Cobb’s Creek, Don D., checked in to tell us he has a 1917 painting […]

Early photo of the 3rd green

November 14, 2012 update:  After a dormant period on the blog, I hope this is the first of many additions this off-season! […]

Bob Hope at Cobb’s Creek

July 24, 2012 update:  Two PGA tournaments were held at Cobb’s Creek GC (1955 and 1956 Daily News Open).  Below is a picture […]

3rd green in 1916

June 12, 2012 update:  Below is a picture of the 3rd green in 1916 (from the Public Ledger).

Ladies exhibition match at Cobb’s

June 11, 2012 update:  Exhibition matches involving prominent amateur golfers were popular in the 10s and 20s.  Below is a photo of one […]

Army AAA Gun Site program aerial

June 1, 2012 update:  The reason part of Cobb’s Creek GC changed dramatically was due to the installation of an Army AAA […]

KYW interview

May 31, 2012 update:  Recently the Friends of Cobb’s Creek Golf Course met with Ed Abrams of KYW 1060 Newsradio and  […]

Ball stuck in tree

May 29, 2012 update:  Below is an entertaining picture from the 4th hole at Cobb’s from the July 10, 1928 edition of […]

Cobb’s Creek is busy

May 26, 2012 update:  Do you know how busy Cobb’s Creek was in the 20s?  Some years more than 80,000 golfers are […]

Cobb’s Creek designers

May 25, 2012 update:  A variety of people likely helped design and build Cobb’s Creek.  As support, this snippet from the Jan […]

1916 Daily Eagle article

May 19, 2012 update:  Even a New York newspaper praised Cobb’s Creek soon after it opened!  Read about it below (from the […]

Joe Dey Golfing Waterloo

May 14, 2012 update:  Before Joe Dey went on to the USGA and later the first president of the PGA, he was […]

1915 Record pictures

May 11, 2012 update:  On May 30, 1915 the Philadelphia Record published some pictures updating the progress at Cobb’s Creek.  See them […]

Public Ledger 12th hole

May 10, 2012 update:  Below is a picture (Public Ledger, 1915) of the original 12th hole, a downhill par 3.  Currently this […]

1915 Inquirer routing

May 7, 2012 update:  Not long after the Public Ledger showed a routing (see May 5th update below) for Cobb’s Creek GC, […]

1915 Public Ledger routing

Cinco de Mayo, 2012 update:  Below is the original routing at Cobb’s Creek GC from the April 11, 1915 edition of the […]

Til De Palma interview

May 4, 2012 update:  In the summer of 2008 the Friends of Cobb’s Creek Golf Course met with Til De Palma, probably […]